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RFK Training was founded by Roy Khoury, certified through the Titleist Performance Institute as a Level 3 Golf Fitness Instructor. Roy works with golfers of all levels. The focus of RFK Training is improving movement function, strength and conditioning and performance.

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How is your tissue quality?

One of the first places to start with any new workout program is Injury Prevention. There are many factors to consider for injury prevention but people often over look tissue quality. To address tissue quality you must look at soft tissue or muscle pliability. Foam rolling is a great place to start and will help work out any tight are sore areas and bring blood flow to the muscles before working out. Foam Roll Series 1 is a basic warm-up to address the tissue quality of many of the big movers (Quads, IT Bands, Adductors, Piriformis and Gluteus, Lats, and Rib Cage/T-Spine). Try spending about 1 min per spot and focusing on any areas that feel more tight than others.

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All 4's T-Spine Rotation

All rotary athletes (especially my golfers) need to consider rib cage and upper spine mobility. In order to generate power through the upper body one must be able to plant and stabilize the lower body and hips AND get a full turn through the rib cage and shoulders. Try out the All 4's T-Spine Rotation; get into an All 4's position and (stabilize) plant down your knees and pelvis as you rotate through the upper spine and shoulders. Try a set of 5 on each side and see how limber that upper body feels!

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Single Leg Hinge with Rotation

How is your base? We all know you need balance for golf but how is your lower body up to par? One of my favorite drills is the Single Leg Hip Hinge with Rotation. This drill tests your control very much the same way as is needed in your pivot. This drill will help teach you better balance and control of hip rotation, and will strengthen your base. Try it out!

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